Quickie is a world record setting 3 piece alternative pop band from Seattle ,Washington with regional hits "Bikini Barista" and "Phoenix Jones". Quickie’s music is crisp hook laden songs that have been described to have elements ranging from the Strokes, Thin Lizzy, Phoenix, Weezer, Bob Dylan, The Shins, The Cure, The Beach Boys, The Ramones, Cage the Elephant, The Buzzcocks, Neon Trees, Elvis Costello, (NOT anything like Kanye West), The Sex Pistols, The Flaming Lips, Van Morrison, MGMT, The Police, Jack White, Vampire Weekend and many other bands that their parents played loudly while sipping a cold beer and dancing. Yet with all these influences, Quickie has a sound that is uniquely its own. If you like any of these bands we guarantee you will like at least one Quickie song :). Here are a few things that other people in radio, TV and the press have said about Quickie that make us sound really, really, really cool.


"Some bands dream of greatness. They are aptly named Quickie and are reaching out and grabbing it." - Jim Devers, Evening Magazine NBC



"Quickie 500 is an orgiastic fury in 4/4 time, a slamdance bonfire of lost love, deathless fun, and sex like you never been hurt. This great American thanks the God above and the amber waves of grain that good men like Lou, Joe and Retten had the stone cold stones to release it..." - East Portland Blog



"Bikini Barista is 2 minutes and 14 seconds of awesome" - Heather Lee, KLCK 98.9FM



"Quickie 500 has more hooks than Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. There are hints of old-school AM-radio melody melded with now-time pop and rock tuneage. "Mosh My Life Away," "Stop Messing With Me" and others should do the trick when it’s go-time on the dance floor." - There’s Something Hard in There



"I love this song (I’m a Mess)" - Homegrown



"Quickie 500 - If you’re looking for that breakout novelty tune on Quickie’s newest release 500, you’re going to be disappointed. But if you’re looking for a serving of punchy, upbeat pop-punk sing-alongs, then you’ve come to the right place. On the band’s newest release, 500, Quickie proves there is more to the sound than just the shtick, delivering 10 bite-size nibblets of power-pop goodness." - NorthWest Music Scene



"Quickie 500 was such a different style from what I was used to hearing from Quickie. You guys not only transformed your sound but found a new foundation to put it on. I love how you guys were able to rediscover yourselves but made sure to not lose your originality. I love the song "Everybody Loves Somebody to Hate", it’s so damn real... I also loved "Mosh My Life Away" such an easy song to get lost in and one that hits close to home growing up around a music scene in Seattle! Seriously I loved all of it." - Ryder KGRG 89.9FM